Student Intern Evaluation

Student Name *
Student Name
Supervisor Name *
Supervisor Name
Date *
Interacts Constructively *
Interacts Constructively
Asks pertinent and purposeful questions
Accepts responsibilities for mistakes and learns from experiences
Shows consideration and respect for the thoughts and feelings of others
Solicits suggestions and feedback from mentor and supervisor
When questions or concerns arise, communicates with mentor and supervisor
Speaks and acts in a manner that is sensitive to linguistic and cultural differences and respects the dignity and worth of others
Receives feedback in a positive manner and makes necessary adjustments
Reading/Writing/Computation Skills *
Reading/Writing/Computation Skills
Reads/comprehends/follows written materials
Communicates ideas and concepts clearly in writing
Works with mathematical procedures appropriate to the job
Listening & Oral Communication Skills *
Listening & Oral Communication Skills
Listens to others in an active and attentive manner
Demonstrates effective verbal/non-verbal communication skills
Creative Thinking & Problem Solving *
Creative Thinking & Problem Solving
Develops options and ideas
Demonstrates an analytical capacity
Professional & Career Development Skills *
Professional & Career Development Skills
Exhibits self-motivated approach to work
Exhibits professional behavior and attitude
Is prepared for daily activities
Meets and consults with supervisor daily
Can adhere to change in job responsibilities
Consults mentor and/or supervisor immediately as challenges or difficulties arise
Interpersonal & Teamwork Skills *
Interpersonal & Teamwork Skills
Manages and resolves conflict
Supports and contributes to team atmosphere
Makes sure team is aware of progress through frequent update
Organizational Effectiveness Skills *
Organizational Effectiveness Skills
Fits with norms and expectations of the organization
Actively seeks to understand and support organization’s mission/goals
Has obtained and read institution policy manual
Adheres to rules and policies of the setting
Completes assigned tasks in a timely manner
Demonstrates knowledge of organization’s products and services
Basic Work Habits *
Basic Work Habits
Reports to work as scheduled and on-time
Exhibits a positive and constructive attitude
Dress and appearance appropriate for organization
Alert and focused
Utilizes unassigned time to seek additional work
Character Attributes *
Character Attributes
Brings sense of values and integrity to the job
Behaves in an ethical manner
Maintains confidentiality with assignment-related information
Elicits trust and respect from peers, mentor, and supervisors
In completing internship assignments, produces original work
and credits sources when appropriate
Maintains a positive attitude with respect to ambiguity and uncertainty
Technology Skills *
Technology Skills
Uses MS Office effectively
Uses the Internet appropriately for research
Industry Specific Skills *
Industry Specific Skills
Option One
Option Two
Overall Performance *
Evaluator Name *
Evaluator Name